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We treat the body as a whole, and specialize as a joint and pain specialist! Each body has unique injuries that will require a unique treatment plan. Our dedicated team at Regenesys Physical Medicine is committed to helping our patients find relief quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves in our non-invasive, conservative care and our ability to create personalized treatment plans for each patient to support your body’s natural healing process. Whatever your ailment, Regenesys Physical Medicine can help you get back to feeling your best through our unique, multidisciplinary treatment protocols.

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Woman with a migraine

Headaches / Migraines

At Regenesys Physical Medicine, we are dedicated to helping our patients find relief of joint and spine pain quickly and effectively. Our experienced team of professionals work together to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. We specialize in non-invasive, conservative care for the treatment of:

In addition to traditional chiropractic treatments, we are proud to offer a variety of complementary and alternative therapies to enhance your wellness journey. Our integrative approach includes rehab exercises, medical massage, and spinal decompression therapy to support your body’s natural healing process. Whether you are recovering from an injury or seeking preventative wellness care, our dedicated team is here to help you achieve your health goals. Schedule an appointment with us today to discover the difference our multidisciplinary approach can make in your life.


Chiropractor Reviewing X-rays

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care continues to grow in popularity as an effective way to optimize your health by reducing pain and improving function in the spine.

Functional Rehab

Functional rehabilitation involves guided, therapeutic exercises that help improve your core stability, range of motion, flexibility, strength, and balance. 

Medical Massage

Massage is an ancient form of therapy that is regaining well-deserved recognition in the medical world as an effective rehabilitative tool.

What Our Patients Are Saying 

chiropractor Dr McClellan

Meet Dr. McClellan

From a young age, Dr. McClellan harbored a fascination for the limitless potential of the human body, particularly when it comes to the realm of sports and athletics. Witnessing the incredible feats that the body could accomplish fueled Dr. McClellan’s desire to channel this passion into a meaningful career. The allure of helping individuals achieve and sustain an active lifestyle became an intrinsic part of Dr. McClellan’s journey, ultimately guiding them towards the field of chiropractic care…

Dr. Wilson in a suit

Meet Dr. Wilson

Brandon B. Wilson, DC, is the clinical director at Regenesys Physical Medicine in Frisco, Texas. He leads a team of dedicated professionals who share his passion for relieving pain and helping patients in the area gain the knowledge they need to make positive lifestyle changes that can lead to improved neuromusculoskeletal health and mobility…

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Community Leader in Acute and Chronic Pain care in Frisco, TX

Regenesys Physical Medicine offers customized treatment plans to provide effective pain relief. Our team at Regenesys Physical Medicine specializes in:

  • Acute and Chronic Joint Pain
  • Hip Pain Relief
  • Knee Pain Relief
  • Shoulder Pain Relief

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Regenesys Physical Medicine, we want to ensure that when you enter our doors you know exactly what to expect.

Once you have an appointment booked, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will be awaiting your arrival. We want to ensure that we understand you, your pain, and your history completely so you will be expected to fill out paperwork when you arrive.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit or any future visits that we will have the pleasure of seeing you at, contact us today.

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