Nurturing Wellness Through Pregnancy

Nurturing Wellness Through Pregnancy

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Nurturing Wellness Through Pregnancy: Embracing Chiropractic Care for Spinal Health and Comfort


Hello, expectant mothers and dear readers! Today, we delve into a topic that resonates with the beautiful journey of pregnancy. As the body undergoes incredible changes during this time, it becomes all the more important to prioritize well-being and seek strategies that enhance comfort and vitality. In this blog post, we will explore the pivotal role of chiropractic care in nurturing spinal health and alleviating common discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

The Marvelous Journey of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a remarkable phase marked by anticipation, joy, and a series of transformations in the body. While the journey is undoubtedly awe-inspiring, it can also bring about a variety of discomforts due to the shifting balance and increased stress on the body’s structures. The spine, in particular, plays a central role in maintaining balance and overall well-being. This is where chiropractic care comes into play as a nurturing ally.

Chiropractic Care: A Compassionate Companion

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe but can be exceptionally beneficial. The focus of chiropractic adjustments during this time is to ensure proper spinal alignment and nerve communication. These adjustments aid in maintaining balance, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing overall comfort. By promoting optimal pelvic alignment, chiropractic care may also contribute to smoother labor and delivery experiences.

Relief from Common Discomforts

Lower back pain, sciatica, and pelvic discomfort are frequent companions of pregnancy. These discomforts can greatly impact daily life and the overall well-being of expectant mothers. Chiropractic care offers a drug-free and non-invasive approach to alleviating these discomforts. By addressing misalignments and imbalances, chiropractic adjustments provide relief and contribute to a more comfortable and joyful pregnancy journey.

Safety First: Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

The safety of both the mother and the baby is of paramount importance. Chiropractors who specialize in prenatal care (as we are here at Regenesys Physical Medicine) are trained to provide adjustments that are gentle and adapted to the unique needs of expectant mothers. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe but can also be incredibly beneficial in promoting overall wellness and a positive pregnancy experience.

Voices of Experience: Testimonials from Pregnant Patients

At Regenesys Physical Medicine, we have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative impact of chiropractic care on pregnant patients. Many have shared their stories of finding relief from discomfort, enhanced mobility, and a renewed sense of well-being through regular chiropractic adjustments. Their experiences serve as a testament to the power of chiropractic care in nurturing spinal health and promoting a positive pregnancy journey.

Your Partner in Pregnancy Wellness

As you embrace the journey of pregnancy, consider chiropractic care as a nurturing partner in your wellness. At Regenesys Physical Medicine, our team is dedicated to providing safe and effective chiropractic care tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers. Through evidence-based approaches and compassionate expertise, we strive to empower you with the comfort, vitality, and balance you deserve during this transformative time.

We invite you to connect with us at (972) 712-5556 to learn more about the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Let us walk hand in hand, supporting you through this remarkable journey of life and growth.


Warm regards,

The Regenesys Physical Medicine Team

Aging Gracefully with Chiropractic Care

Aging Gracefully with Chiropractic Care

Aging Gracefully with Chiropractic Care: Embracing Mobility, Flexibility, and Balance for a Fulfilling Later Life


Greetings, dear readers! Today, we delve into a topic that resonates with us all: the journey of aging gracefully. As we traverse the various seasons of life, it’s essential to prioritize our well-being and embrace strategies that foster health, vitality, and a vibrant spirit. In this blog post, we will explore the pivotal role of chiropractic care in this journey, uncovering how it contributes to maintaining mobility, flexibility, and balance as we age.

The Essence of Chiropractic Care in Aging Gracefully

As the years gracefully advance, the body undergoes changes that can impact mobility, flexibility, and balance. However, these changes need not be perceived as limitations; rather, they are opportunities to embrace a holistic approach to wellness. Chiropractic care plays a vital role in this approach, offering an avenue for individuals to nurture their physical well-being and lead active lives well into their later years.

The Benefits of Regular Adjustments

One of the remarkable aspects of chiropractic care is its ability to optimize the alignment of the spine and joints. Through gentle and targeted adjustments, the team at Regenesys Physical Medicine facilitates the body’s innate ability to function at its best. By enhancing spinal health, chiropractic adjustments contribute to improved nerve communication, circulation, and overall well-being.

Preserving Mobility and Flexibility

Maintaining mobility and flexibility is key to an active and fulfilling life. As we age, joint health becomes increasingly important. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help prevent joint stiffness and decrease the risk of degenerative conditions. By ensuring proper joint alignment and range of motion, we empower patients to engage in daily activities with ease, whether it’s chasing after grandchildren, pursuing hobbies, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk.

Cultivating Balance and Confidence

Balancing gracefully through life is not just a physical feat; it’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of our being. Chiropractic care offers benefits beyond the musculoskeletal system, positively impacting neurological function and the body’s overall equilibrium. By addressing spinal misalignments, our team assists in maintaining a strong mind-body connection, enhancing stability, and bolstering the body’s ability to adapt to the challenges of aging.

An Investment in Wellness

As you consider your path toward aging gracefully, envision chiropractic care as an investment in your well-being. By embracing chiropractic care, you are embracing a proactive approach that aligns with your desire to lead a life rich in vitality, motion, and balance.
In partnership with the team at Regenesys Physical Medicine, you have the opportunity to cultivate a more active and fulfilling later life. Let us walk hand in hand, as we celebrate the journey of aging gracefully while savoring every precious moment of motion, health, and joy.
To embark on this transformative journey or learn more about the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care, we invite you to connect with us at (972)712-5556. Together, let’s embrace aging as a journey of vitality and grace.

Warm regards,

The Regenesys Physical Medicine Team

Welcome Dr. McClellan!

Welcome Dr. McClellan!

chiropractor Dr McClellan

Discover the Passion and Expertise of Our Newest Provider: Welcoming Dr. Doug McClellan, D.C. to Regenesys Physical Medicine


Greetings to our valued patients and community members here in North Texas! We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to our esteemed team here at Regenesys Physical Medicine. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. McClellan, a dynamic and dedicated chiropractor with a remarkable journey that aligns seamlessly with our clinic’s mission of promoting health, vitality, and active living.


A Lifelong Passion for Active Living

From a young age, Dr. McClellan harbored a fascination for the limitless potential of the human body, particularly when it comes to the realm of sports and athletics. Witnessing the incredible feats that the body could accomplish fueled Dr. McClellan’s desire to channel this passion into a meaningful career. The allure of helping individuals achieve and sustain an active lifestyle became an intrinsic part of Dr. McClellan’s journey, ultimately guiding them towards the field of chiropractic care.


Empowering Motion for a Life in Motion

With a steadfast belief that movement is an embodiment of life itself, Dr. McClellan infuses this philosophy into every aspect of his practice. Dr. McClellan’s dedication to fostering healthy, active lives is palpable and resonates deeply with the values that define Regenesys Physical Medicine. By recognizing the interconnectedness of the body and the significance of optimal joint function, Dr. McClellan aspires to enrich our clinic’s offerings with a focus on the transformative power of movement.


A Homecoming Journey

Following the successful completion of chiropractic school and gaining licensure in the state of Texas, Dr. McClellan embarked on a professional journey that led them to the doorstep of Regenesys Physical Medicine (then North Texas Spinal Health & Wellness). Dr. McClellan had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Brandon Wilson during his earlier years, an experience that solidified their commitment to providing exceptional care. After honing their expertise through diverse work opportunities, Dr. McClellan has now come full circle, returning to our clinic with a wealth of knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose.


An Extraordinary Sports Affiliation

A testament to Dr. McClellan’s dedication and expertise is his impressive role as the team chiropractor for the Frisco RoughRiders, a minor league baseball team, for the span of 7 years. This invaluable experience has equipped Dr. McClellan with insights that extend beyond the conventional, allowing them to offer specialized care that is backed by a deep understanding of the demands of athletes and active individuals.

As Dr. McClellan steps into his role at Regenesys Physical Medicine, we are privileged to welcome back a professional who is not only well-versed in the art of chiropractic care but also deeply committed to empowering each individual to lead a life enriched by motion, vitality, and optimal health.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. McClellan as he embarks on this exciting new chapter with us. We are confident that his expertise and passion will seamlessly integrate with our clinic’s mission, further enhancing the exceptional care we provide to our valued patients.

Warm regards,

The Regenesys Physical Medicine Team

Functional and Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Pain

Functional and Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Pain

Many of us suffer some form of pain and discomfort and though medication can help alleviate the symptoms, sometimes that isn’t enough. This is especially true for patients who struggle with chronic pain. While treatment options such as prescription medicine, surgeries, or other forms of medical treatment can help, it can be overwhelming to find a treatment that is best suited for your specific symptoms and goals.

Luckily, there are many forms of medicine aside from the traditional treatment with which you may be familiar and receive at a clinic or doctor’s office. Here at Regenesys Physical Medicine, we specialize in providing functional and regenerative medicine to our patients. If you have not had success with finding relief from your pain using traditional methods, we may be able to provide an alternative treatment to help you find relief.


Functional medicine is a form of holistic medicine, or a whole-body approach, that asks how and why illness and pain occurs and restores patient health by addressing the root cause of disease and underlying conditions for each individual. It is an individualized and patient-centered treatment approach that addresses the underlying causes of both your symptoms and disease using a system-oriented approach.

One of the unique principles of functional medicine is that it acknowledges that each symptom and diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual illness. What does that mean? That means that one condition may have many causes and that one cause may be the result of different conditions. Functional medicine then works to address each cause and symptom to restore total health, relief, and optimal well-being to the patient.

Functional medicine differs from the traditional disease-centered focus of medicine to a more patient-centered approach. Practitioners of functional medicine spend a great deal of time getting to know their patients and understanding their condition to provide better treatment. They listen to patient history, look at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the condition of the patient such as disease. The treatment is then customized uniquely to that person. It is a form of healthcare that takes into account the individual patient’s preferences, needs, values, and ensures that the patient guides all clinical decisions.


Regenerative medicine refers to the process of regenerating human cells and tissues in order to restore functionality. This field of medicine is specifically helpful for those patients with chronic pain associated with damaged tissues and organs, as the process works to replace those damaged cells and tissues with healthy ones, stimulating your body’s natural healing process and providing you relief.

In conjunction with our functional medicine approach, many patients find this technique of treatment most preferable and effective in treating their chronic pain. Our goal is to work with you to find the root cause of your symptoms and not to just provide you with temporary relief, but to deliver a healthcare experience that focuses on you as an individual to reach your optimal level of health and relief. If you feel as though you are at a loss with traditional medicine methods and wonder if our alternative approach is right for you, please contact Regenesys Physical Medicine today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

4 Tips for Naturally Relieving Sciatica Pain

4 Tips for Naturally Relieving Sciatica Pain

You wake up in the middle of the night with pain radiating from your hip. You are sitting at work all day and your legs start tingling, going numb. Or, maybe everyone is standing and cheering for your kids at a soccer game and your lower back starts to kill while your legs go weak, so you have to sit down.

Sciatica is a drag. You don’t want to keep taking painkillers to dull the pain but, sometimes, it feels like there’s no choice. Luckily, there are some options for naturally relieving sciatica pain without resorting to over-the-counter medication.


One of the best ways to naturally relieve sciatica (and all kinds of muscular pain) is by improving your core strength, spine flexibility, and hip mobility. It sounds like a lot, but there is one type of exercise you can do for just 15-20 minutes a day that hits all three goals: yoga.

It’s a great free option (there are hundreds of good quality yoga instructional videos on YouTube and you can do it from the comfort of your home for a few minutes before bed. Make sure to start out easy, though, as it is possible to hurt yourself if you overdo it too quickly—no handstands on day one!


One cause of sciatica is compression in your lower back which irritates the sciatic nerve. An easy remedy for this, while you sleep, is to elevate your knees. This puts the pressure off your lumbar, which decompresses your lower spine and gives your sciatica nerves some relief.

Tonight when you go to sleep, lie on your back and put pillows under your knees until you feel the tension releasing in your lumbar. Be careful not to lift your knees excessively high or they might go numb. Make sure they are just high enough for you to be comfortable and relaxed.


We all lead busy lives, but sometimes a little quiet time in the bath is literally just what the doctor ordered. Having a warm soak before bed adds some heat to your back muscles, thus releasing tension. Heat submersion also naturally releases endorphins in your body that fight off pain.

If you don’t have time for a bath, other methods of heat therapy work, like applying a hot water bottle or heat pad to the lower back.


If you want to stop letting sciatica control your mood and lifestyle, give us a call at Regenesys Physical Medicine and learn more about how we can help you get relief from your symptoms.

Can Chiropractic Care Help You Sleep?

Can Chiropractic Care Help You Sleep?

Nothing can compare to sliding into your bed for a long night’s rest after an exhausting day. However, while your mind may shut off that doesn’t mean your body will. Getting enough sleep at night is vital to helping us make it through the next day. As you sleep, your body uses the time to rejuvenate itself allowing you to feel well-rested in the morning. Though we know that isn’t always the case, as one of the most common complaints in adults is the inability to sleep peacefully through the night.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you may suffer from headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, and many other negative side effects. The solutions for lack of sleep are less complex than the explanations, so if you are looking to get a better night’s rest, consider visiting a chiropractor for immediate sleep improvement.

Though chiropractors are not sleep scientists, we do know a few things about how to help you sleep soundly. Chiropractic adjustments not only restore your body’s functionality but help to keep you in good health and at optimal performance.

A chiropractor will not only realign your spine and joints to help alleviate any pain or discomfort, but they can also offer advice on how to achieve a full night’s rest. Sleeping positions, mattresses, pillows, and evening habits all play an important role in getting your body settled in for the night.


Many people don’t realize that how you fall asleep and what positions you might find yourself in during the night can affect your quality of sleep. Certain positions can put pressure and strain on parts of your body making you feel restless at night and stiff in the morning.

The fetal position is one of the most popular sleep positions and is recommended by chiropractors. It is great for those with lower back problems and is the choice position for expecting mothers. Roll onto your side and place a pillow under your head and neck to keep your spine in a neutral position. A pillow between your knees will remove pressure in your lower back.

Another recommended sleep position is on the side. It can reduce snoring, and heartburn, and improve digestion, however, this position may require more pillows. Place a pillow between your knees to take the strain off your hips and lower spine. If there are gaps between your body and the mattress, add pillows for support. Hugging large pillows will support your shoulders and your arms.

Those who sleep on their back are also known to sleep peacefully as body weight is distributed evenly and pressure on the body is minimized. A pillow underneath the knees will add support and reduce strain as you sleep. Keep your neck and head in alignment with a good pillow.


If you have a stiff mattress or one that is too soft, you may have some sleepless nights. Softer mattresses can sag and allow the spine to shift creating strain, while a firm mattress can make your body ache with pressure applied to your joints. Search for mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows that will support your body. Good pillows should keep your head and neck in place while sleeping. This may mean picking out a firmer pillow than you are used to, but after a few nights, you will notice a significant improvement.


Pay attention to your evening routine as you get ready to turn in for the night. Allow your body and mind time to wind down. Avoid using electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed. This will help your mind relax.

Consider adding simple stretches and relaxation methods before climbing into bed to release any tension or energy in the body. This will allow you to feel relaxed and ready to sleep.

If you are looking for ways to improve your quality of sleep, talk to us and find out how we can help you achieve a better night’s rest. For more information on how chiropractic care can help you get that much-needed rest, contact Regenesys Physical Medicine today.

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