Hip Pain Relief

Hip Pain Relief

If you suffer with debilitating hip pain, pelvic pain, or sacral pain, we can help! At Regenesys Physical Medicine in Frisco, Texas, you have access to expert diagnosis and innovative, patient-focused treatments designed to relieve your pain and restore your overall health and wellness. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Hip Pain Relief Q&A

What are the causes of hip pain?

A wide range of injuries and conditions contribute to hip pain. For example, osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain. As the cartilage that cushions the ball and socket joint of your hip wears away, your bones create excessive friction that leads to inflammation, swelling, and pain in your joint.

However, you may also experience hip pain from sports injuries that damaged the muscles, tendons, or ligaments that support your hip and facilitate movement. You may sustain an acute injury, such as a sprain, labral tear, or fracture, or develop an overuse condition like tendonitis or bursitis.

Sciatica — pain caused by compression of your sciatic nerve in your lumbar spine — and other problems in your lower back can also cause radiating pain in your hips. Sciatica is often caused by a herniated disc in your lower back.

How is the cause of hip pain diagnosed?

Regenesys Physical Medicine uses detailed consultations and physical exams to identify and diagnose the cause of your hip pain. Our provider team asks questions about your pain, other symptoms, and overall wellness to develop an understanding of your problem. They may then order diagnostic imaging studies such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans to more completely identify the source of your pain.

What treatments provide hip pain relief?

At Regenesys Physical Medicine, our provider team offers a comprehensive range of innovative treatments and procedures to provide relief from hip pain. Depending on the results of your consultation and exam, our team will create a customized treatment plan to address your hip pain. Some of the available procedures and therapies include:

  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic care

You can count on patient-focused care that’s customized to address your specific symptoms as well as improve your overall wellness. Additionally, many of our patients are able to avoid painful and costly surgeries.

If hip pain is disrupting your life, call Regenesys Physical Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.

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