Neck Pain

Neck Pain

The neck, also called the cervical spine, begins at the base of the skull and contains seven small vertebrae. The cervical spine supports the full weight of your head which is on average about 12 pounds. While the cervical spine can move your head in nearly every direction, this flexibility makes the neck very susceptible to pain and injury.

Dr. Wilson and his entire team are amazing!!!! I was having horrible neck pain and headaches. It would sometimes even start radiating down my arm, and the pain was starting to keep me awake at night. A friend recommended Dr. Wilson’s office, and I gave them a call. Within a few short visits I was already feeling SO MUCH BETTER, and now that I am finished with treatment, I am totally pain free!! Not only that, I also learned what I should be doing (and what I shouldn’t too!!!) to keep my neck pain free going forward. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office to anyone in pain!

Carolyn Wilson

A Month Ago

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