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Scoliosis affects millions of people in the US and can cause discomfort, pain, and postural changes. If you or your loved ones are dealing with scoliosis, chiropractic care can be a valuable part of your treatment plan. By focusing on pain relief, improved posture, and spinal function, chiropractic adjustments and supportive therapies can help manage scoliosis and enhance your overall well-being. Contact our clinic to schedule a consultation and discover how chiropractic care can make a positive difference in your scoliosis journey. Remember, a better quality of life with scoliosis is possible with the right support and care.

Scoliosis Q&A

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine. While scoliosis can occur at any age, it most commonly develops during adolescence, when the growth spurts are at their peak. However, scoliosis can also be congenital or develop later in life due to various factors, including poor posture, injury, or degenerative diseases.

Can chiropractic care cure Scoliosis?

While chiropractic care cannot cure scoliosis, it can provide relief from pain, improve posture, and slow down the progression of the condition. At Regenesys Physical Medicine our expert chiropractors focus on optimizing spinal function and overall well-being.

How long does chiropractic treatment for Scoliosis take?

The duration of chiropractic treatment varies depending on the severity of scoliosis, individual response to treatment, and other factors. We will create a personalized treatment plan and discuss the expected timeline with each patient.

I highly recommend coming here! When I first came into Dr. Wilson’s office I had it pretty bad for someone as young as me. I had scoliosis in two places, my hips were out of alignment, and I consistently had severe neck and lower back pain. After just a few adjustments and some rehab with Dr. Wilson and his team I felt as if nothing was wrong to begin with. I am truly blessed to have found this place they’re not only dedicated to getting rid of my pain but making sure the pain stays away.

Morgan S.

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