Javier L.
Dr. Wilson and his staff are the best. 150% recommended!

Lok P.
I had post covid problems of sitting too long on my desk. This is my first time visiting a chiropractor, and I was scared to go through any procedures. Thanks to Dr. Wilson, who was transparent about the whole procedure process, he guided me through his super painless way of fixing my back. I was able enjoy the process myself (no pain). He also teaches you why people need to have a good posture. The Physical Therapist Michael and Bree made sure that I was doing the Physical Therapy right and even customized a few exercises for my own issues I had. Ms. Kelly would greet you at the front office and make sure you are set for day and for future visits. I Would totally recommend Regenesys with to anyone, especially for first time folks.

Jami P.
The team here is fantastic. They really care about their patients and helping them feel better. They are great about explaining why they are doing what they’re doing and why the rehab program I’m doing is the right course of action. I have full confidence in them. I highly recommend them!

Carolyn W.
This is the BEST MEDICAL EXPERIENCE I have ever had! Dr. Wilson and his entire team are amazing!!!! I was having horrible neck pain and headaches. It would sometimes even start radiating down my arm, and the pain was starting to keep me awake at night. A friend recommended Dr. Wilson’s office, and I gave them a call. Within a few short visits I was already feeling SO MUCH BETTER, and now that I am finished with treatment, I am totally pain free!! Not only that, I also learned what I should be doing (and what I shouldn’t too!!!) to keep my neck pain free going forward. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office to anyone in pain!

Laura A.
I will be done with my 8 week treatment plan next week, and I am finally taking time to review this amazing place. This office is unlike any other chiro office I tried before. It is not a conveyor belt of twists, cracks, pay, and you’re out. It is a place that teaches you to live your life healthy. Dr. Wilson – a super knowledgeable and caring man, I wish there were more people like him in the medical field, and beyond! We misuse our physique so much every day, and he teaches you the new ways to stay in a healthy body, while addressing current concern. Michael – a high level PT professional, he is always paying attention to how I perform exercises, and he is just fun to chat with! Sara is great at medical massages. My neck and shoulders were so tense, I thought this was the norm now and I had to live with that. Well, enter Sara! She gradually loosened those knots and I feel 500% better! Last but NOT least – Kelly and Jocelyne! Always welcoming, caring, and professional. No matter what curveballs my work/family commitments threw at me – they were super quick to find new time slots for me. I am so glad that I came here to finally take care of my body, 1.5 years after having my daughter. This is an investment that goes a long way. Not only I received a top quality care, but I also now have motivation and dedication to keep on exercising, getting massages, and live with this beautiful, healthy and strong posture, in a strong body!

Amy D.
Dr. Wilson and the entire staff at Regenesys are wonderful. I was struggling with sciatica pain that caused shooting pains every time I stood up, I couldn’t sit to work, and I had a constant ache from my lower back all down my leg. It was awful! After 8 weeks of adjustments, decompression, and physical therapy at Regenesys, my pain was substantially better. Two weeks after finishing active therapy and continuing my exercises, I am 100% pain free. Thank you Dr. Wilson and everyone at Regenesys for your help!

Marilyn C.
I have had to have physical therapy on and off for the past 12 years or more due to a spinal condition. I can most highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his staff. Dr. Wilson is one of the most caring physicians I have encountered. He obviously enjoys his work and wants to do his very best to get his patients into recovery. Michael is an excellent physical therapist and trainer. He, too, shows how much he wants his patients to improve and sustain good health. When I came in for my first visit, my neck was so stiff and sore that it was not even comfortable to sleep. After the first visit, all was so much improved that I knew I wanted to continue through the entire recommended protocol. I will continue to return to Regenesys going forward for therapy whenever needed. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

Priscilla C.
My husband and I started our plan about ten weeks ago. Dr. Wilson listened to our needs and found the source of our problems. He explained in great detail where our conflicts were via x-Ray. We were relieved to know we would be able to find relief. This isn’t just an adjustment and move on. You are taught how to upkeep through exercise too. Michael is magnificent when it comes to physical therapy. He is patient, kind, and makes you feel valued. Kelly is always in the front to greet you with a smile. She is polite at all times. Going to chiropractic care here is the best choice you can make for yourself. You will enjoy seeing the staff and reap the benefits of receiving care from this office. Let’s not forget about the weekly massages! Connie and Sarah are wonderful! We recommend getting treatment here 100%!

Mario G.
I was referred to Dr. Wilson by a friend who had a great experience with him previously. I was dealing with years of pain in my lower back that would shoot down my legs. It was horrible! I am not a big medication guy and also didn’t want any surgery at all, so I made an appointment. Dr. Wilson was absolutely awesome! He spent a lot of time learning about me, my problem, and his exam was very extensive. As many people have said before, you can really tell how much he and his staff care about you by the way they communicate and treat you. I was very impressed by how thorough he was, especially when he went over my x-rays. He explained how he could help me out, and he was able to get me started immediately. I am extremely pleased with my results, and am so happy I found this office. The staff is also very professional and polite, and I never had to wait more than five minutes for any appointment during my entire treatment. This office deserves more than 5 stars!

Mickie S.
Went to Dr Wilson at 32 weeks pregnant, not able to walk, and relying on medicine to make it through my days. He explained very well how to fix my problem and after my first week of seeing everyone in the office (adjustments, physical therapy, and massages).. I was able to walk again and stop taking medicine! Dr. Wilson saved me. There’s no words for how great he is. The ladies at the front are lovely, always! Serena in the physical therapy section is awesome. And I can’t forget the massage ladies, I always leave feeling soo good and relaxed. This office cares about their patients and you can feel it immediately. After spending weeks together, I feel like family. Recommending to everyone I know!

Jim M.
After months of neck and shoulder pain due to a pinched nerve I finally decided to get it checked out. Regenesys was able to get me in within 2 hours of my call. They diagnosed the issue, explained a treatment plan, the cost associated with the treatment and started the treatment within another 2 hours. I followed the suggested plan of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, and in 8 weeks went from not being able to lay down, much less sleep, to almost forgetting that I ever had an issue in the first place. Along the way I learned a lot about how my bad physical habits contributed to the problem. VERY happy with the results and would recommend Regenesys to anyone in pain or just looking for a place to get a massage. I am 52 and have never received any type of medical treatment before and this is only the second Google review I have ever made, Regenesys earned it!

Marissa C.
Dr. Wilson and the entire team at Regenesys are absolutely amazing! Around week 12 of my pregnancy I started to develop major sciatic pain and leg numbness. I could hardly stand for more than 10 minutes without being incredibly uncomfortable and needing to sit down. This issue truly limited my ability to do daily activities and I knew it was only going to worsen as time passed. I made an appointment with Dr. Wilson and, from day one, I knew I had made the right decision. He created a custom plan that involved chiropractic care, stretching, strength training and prenatal massage. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and am able to exercise, walk, stand and do all my daily activities with minimal pain. I will continue to see Dr. Wilson and his team to help maintain my active lifestyle and mitigate any discomfort through the rest of my pregnancy! I would highly recommend Regenesys to anyone in search of chiropractor care! The team is friendly, responsive and fantastic to work with. I look forward to my visits and know that without Dr. Wilson and his team this pregnancy would have been much for difficult. I am very grateful I found them!

Rodney C.
I went to Dr. Wilson and his team because of debilitating lower back pain. Dr. Wilson was clear, straight to the point, and transparent regarding my condition and treatment options. After 8 weeks of adjustments, decompression, massage, and exercise, I was back on track to a more normal life. The team is super friendly and we had very good laughs while working on my rehab. They always made me feel like I was among family and friends. THANK YOU!!

Carissa D.
I have been dealing with a herniated discs in my lower back for over 2 years. I tried injections and traditional physical therapy that somewhat relieved the pain and stiffness, but my Dr said my only other option was surgery. No way was I wanting to have back surgery, so I found Regenesys as another option to explore. After a 10 week treatment plan prescribed by Dr Wilson; which included adjustments, targeted physical therapy, spinal decompression and massage I am happy to say my pain/discomfort level has dropped from a 10 to a 2!! I know that my issues will never go away, but gaining the knowledge on how I can better manage and continue to strengthen/improve to live a better, pain free life has been invaluable! Thanks to all the great folks at Regenesys for helping me feel better!!!

Graziela F.
Just amazing!! My entire life I had back pain and no one was ever careful enough to investigate, and Dr. Wilson was the best! Always explained every process which makes you so comfortable. His team also is great! They’re good listeners and always adapted my rehab according to what my body could handle. The office is 100% equipped and clean! Plus the results are right on track! I’m able to do my regular activities with no pain! That’s the right place to go!

Zeena K.
Being a dancer my whole life, I have always struggled with back problems, not knowing what was causing it. Dr.Wilson instantly figured out the issue and helped me discover that I have degenerative disc disease. The treatment plan that he provided for me definitely decreased the pain I was feeling. The staff made me feel so welcome and at home, they are extremely friendly and genuinely care about you. I would recommend anyone to go see him, he’s amazing!

David V.
Several years ago, I woke up one morning with debilitating pain in my lower back. Through my exam I was diagnosed with stage 4 degenerative disc disease. I was prescribed a 10 week treatment program that Dr. Brandon Wilson specifically designed for my personal care needs, which sounded like a lot better option to me than having spinal surgery at the age of 34! I was amazed at the scientific approach at Regenesys, and the level of professionalism and the positive atmosphere I experienced during those 10 weeks. The staff at Regenesys is THE BEST. I completed my treatment program and have been attending monthly maintenance appointments for over 5 years now. I am able to do all the physical activates I love, something I am confident would not be possible without the care I receive by Dr. Wilson and his staff. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, and I can tell you Dr. Wilson is undoubtedly the best of the best!

Amber H.
I have been going to Dr. Wilson for 8 years now due to my chronic back and cervical issues and I can’t rave about them enough! Not only is Dr. Wilson thorough with his assessments and cares for all his patients, his staff is also very personable and provides stellar service. Each round of physical therapy I’ve had to conduct has helped me in so many ways and I owe that to Regenesys Physical Medicine!

Amber H.
I have been going to Dr. Wilson for 8 years now due to my chronic back and cervical issues and I can’t rave about them enough! Not only is Dr. Wilson thorough with his assessments and cares for all his patients, his staff is also very personable and provides stellar service. Each round of physical therapy I’ve had to conduct has helped me in so many ways and I owe that to Regenesys Physical Medicine!

Samantha F.
I was 12 weeks pregnant when I decided to visit Regenesys for the lower back/sciatica pain that I was having and I’m so thankful that I did. Dr. Wilson as well as the whole team were incredible and so accommodating. From the beginning, everything that made up my treatment plan was very clear and understandable. It was one of the best decisions that I have made during my pregnancy and I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wilson if you’re experiencing any type of pain during pregnancy (or even if you’re not pregnant)!

Harini M.
After a couple of months of suffering and pain, I decided to look for a Chiro practitioner, and my search began. My prolonged working hours, late-night, and preparing for school work in front of the system for hours together had made my posture wrong, increased inflammation and stiffness around my neck and shoulders. Due to this, I was living in tremendous pain, sometimes to the extent that I couldn’t even move my neck. My friends also warned me that when identifying a Chiro, one should be careful. Else it can backfire. After looking around, I zeroed down on Regenesys, seeing their 5-star google reviews, and of course, my prime consideration was within 3 miles. And on my first visit, I realized that what I thought was 3 miles turned out to be 13 miles 🙁 which was kind of an initial disappoint and worry for me. Will I be able to come for my entire treatment or lose motivation consistently? But my first interaction with Lauren and Dr. Wilson clarified that doubt immediately. Lauren was super patient with her questions and detailed list of issues faced by me. Dr. Wilson was spot on in his diagnosis and crisp in his plan. Then came into play my sticking to the plan, which was the biggest challenge. Alexa and Kelly made sure I didn’t miss a single session. With my work and school, and kids’ schedule in mind, there were many instances when I had to reschedule my appointments, but they were just brilliant. They would call me back meticulously, so I never I to worry about an appointment. Then came my actual physiotherapy with Barbie for a brief period and Mike for the most. Mike, by merely looking at you could tell the stiffness and immediately help you overcome that. Physio sessions were enjoyable with his sense of humor. And my other favorite is Bri, who is so so good with her massage therapy. All in all, I went there in tremendous pain and walked out after eight-plus weeks with absolutely no pain at all. Dr. Wilson indeed has one of the best teams with him. Kudos to this high on empathy team. I would highly recommend this place.

Elizabeth M.
This is best doctor’s office I have ever seen! Everyone is so nice and it’s easy to see why they are so highly rated. They were great on the phone and explained everything about insurance coverage and treatment so incredibly well. The last thing someone in pain wants to deal with is trying to figure those kinds of things out, but they answered every question that I had without me even having to ask. Dr. Wilson was AWESOME and he and his talented team completely resolved my problem. Do yourself a favor – skip all the other places out there and call them today for appointment. You will be glad you did!

Angela P.
I have been a patient of Dr. Wilson’s for a good while now and I can’t recommend this office highly enough! When I first came in, I could barely move from the extreme pain. I tried all normal medications, and even went to a PT, and nothing helped. He and his entire team are so polite, professional, and helpful in every way. They are so good at communicating, from the first visit and every step along the path to healing. I am so glad I found them. If you are hurting and want a true solution to your problem instead of another “band aid,” give their office a try!

Stuart K.
As a 73 year-old, I came to Regenesys with major hip and back issues and was otherwise expecting to have hip replacement surgery. However, after receiving regenerative treatment and engaging in a multi-week intensely focused, professionally designed rehabilitative treatment plan from Regenesys’ experienced and pleasant staff, I am on the mend. I can once again enjoy physical activities like golf, tennis and pickleball to the fullest. I highly recommend Regenesys to anyone with debilitating physical limitations.

Alita T.
About a month and a half ago, I hurt my back. The pain was excruciating! It was difficult to get out of bed. I felt pretty hopeless. I had seen my regular doctor and he gave me a cortisone injection which really didn’t help. I saw an ad online for Regenesys and came in for a consultation. The staff here, the doctor – I just really can’t say enough! They took the time to show me my x-rays, explain what the problem was, how I had injured myself, and exactly what they could do over the course of eight weeks to alleviate the pain and get me back to living again. I had been feeling quite honestly really hopeless, thinking the rest of my life was going to be limited mobility and dealing with pain, but I can say now after going through the treatment at Regenesys it GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! The doctor is WONDERFUL!!! He takes the time to explain everything in detail. It helps a lot to know what’s going on, what is expected, and what it will take to get there. The staff – I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE STAFF!!!! Everybody is SO supportive and helpful here. I would highly recommend Regenesys to anyone!

Ann L.
My husband and I have benefited in so many ways from this group of knowledgeable, kind and energetic professionals let by Dr. Wilson. You will be surprised at all the ways in which they can help you!

Jeffery P.
Just finishing up my 10 weeks of therapy including spinal manipulation, decompression, physical therapy, and deep tissue massages. I have to say I was skeptical at first after hearing that my doctor wanted to do a spinal cortisone injection to relieve pain in my back. I opted for the less invasive option – treatment at Regenesys. My wife had previously had the regenerative cell injections here and got instant relief so I decided to give Dr. Wilson and his team a try. Glad I did. After undergoing all of the above at Regenesys, I started feeling relief in my leg that had given me so much grief that I had to put ice packs on at night to relieve the pain. I have seen steady improvement and have been able to finally sleep at night without the ice pack. I heartily recommend Dr. Wilson and his wonderful staff.

Brittnie H.
I found Regenesys when I was about 25 weeks into my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and I was struggling a lot with pelvic pain and I was basically waddling already from my hips being out of line. My baby was also showing breach, which wasn’t an issue at the time but it was still a concerning thought that he’d stay that way in the long run. Dr. Wilson explained that all this was pretty normal but most women didn’t know it could be easily fixed! We set up an 8 week adjustment plan with physical therapy, stretches and little exercises. After the second adjustment, I was walking upright and straight again. By 4 weeks into adjustments, my hip and pelvic pain was down to a 3 from a 7. I’m into my last week and I’m 95% pain free (as long as I don’t overdo it on weekends but the nesting instinct is really kicking in!). Dr. Wilson is very flexible in his treatments as well. I always get my hips adjusted but if I tell him my round ligaments are hurting, he takes the time to help me. If I tell him my neck is a little stiff that day, he will adjust my neck that time as well. He listens very well and is always willing to help, even if it’s slightly outside the scope of planned treatment. His staff, Michael and Barbie, are great in the PT corner. They really pay attention to my exercises and help me execute them or even tell me to skip a certain one if they see it’s pushing me too far. Kelly and Hope at the front are very sweet and are always a pleasure to greet in the mornings. I don’t think you’ll regret choosing to get care here. If you’re pregnant, please do it. It’s worth it for your comfort and your baby’s comfort. My baby is now head down and I feel more comfortable and healthier than I did 7 weeks ago.

Chelsey L.
I went to Dr. Wilson and his team for prenatal care. I was starting to get uncomfortable in the third trimester and was told that chiropractic care was a way to ensure my body was as fit as possible for pregnancy and labor. Dr. Wilson is fantastic and his entire team are great people and professionals. I haven’t had a single negative encounter with anyone at the office. Dr. Wilson was great about sharing his expertise and developing goals that would get me to and through labor in the best shape possible. I saw him 3 times a week for adjustments and worked with Barbie and Michael on physical therapy exercises to strengthen my core and relieve some hip and groin pain that is common in the third trimester. I was given great instruction and provided the exercise explanations so I could replicate the exercises at home. I saw Amber for prenatal massages once a week as well. She is fantastic! I had never had a massage before going to Regenesys and was a little apprehensive and self conscious. She was a comforting voice and always had great advice and seemed genuinely invested in my well being. I felt supported by the whole team every step of the way. Hope and Kelly at the front desk were always super accommodating for appointments and genuinely seemed to care about my well being and progress. The whole team was really knowledgeable about pregnant patients and I never felt concerned about the experience. They always had the right equipment and modifiers for stretches that were more difficult for me. I felt great through out the experience and many people in my personal life were really surprised by my level of comfort and ability to move and flex even in my 39th week. I truly attribute a fantastic 3rd trimester to this group of amazing individuals. They were always willing to hear my concerns and treat anything to cropped up from week to week or day to day. I can’t refer people to them fast enough! I was seen from 32 – 40 weeks and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Monique B.
I know that people are sometimes weary of Chiropractic offices but I can assure you that this is not a Chiropractic office. Dr. Wilson and staff take a very different approach to healing the body that is comprehensive yet necessary and logical. Not only did I find relief for my neck injury but I am significantly smarter going forward in how I carry my body, the way in which my body gets to a point of pain and how I can help prevent it, but I am constantly cognitive of how my posture is and make adjustments to ensure less damage in the future. But that’s all the science-y stuff, let’s talk about the people. Dr. Wilson is genuinely one of the nicest people who takes healthcare back to the earlier days of investing in your patients and knowing everything about them and their families (in a non-creepy way) that we have lost over the years. His way of treating his patients doesn’t stop with him; all of his staff subscribe to this philosophy and are wonderful. Hope and Kelly are very sweet and welcome every patient in by their name, I literally look forward to seeing them and hearing about their weekends. Michael and Barbie do a phenomenal job at the other parts of the healing process and physical therapy but they talk to you like you are a person and a friend. Amber and Bree are not massage therapists, they are body workers and healers. If you are looking for relief and actually getting into the muscle and knots and walking away feeling like you are a new person you need Amber and Bree! There are many other services and wonderful staff my husband and I haven’t been able to take advantage of but we are so thankful that we both found Regenesys and have bought ourselves more time feeling amazing. Thank you everyone!!!

Sue M.
I have lived with lower back and hip pain for 25 years. I met Dr. Wilson at Regenesys and he told me chiropractic care would greatly improve my body structure, posture, pain and discomfort. After the second treatment, I quit believing that I had to live with my discomforts. Dr. Wilson was right, and he has improved me! He and his staff have taught me many techniques and increased my knowledge, confidence and ability to be responsible for my own well-being. Regenesys is an efficient and caring practice. Dr. Wilson is a focused, honest, respectable and talented physician. The staff follows his lead, and they run an exceptional office. I wish I had done this 25 years ago! Thank you sincerely, Regenesys, for your excellent care of me!

Jacob W.
Dr. Wilson and his staff came through for me again. The best comment I can give is that, if not for being way more sedentary during 2020 and falling off of my “what I know I should be doing” the work they did 10 years ago to help me with lower back issues would have held and they have whipped me back into shape again. The time the team takes to ensure you’re getting the right types of treatment and the focus on reduction of pain first then shift to strengthening and preventative measures makes for the best possible experience when you’re not at your best. Thanks to everyone on the team for all their help and work and I can’t recommend them enough.

Ray Y.
I came to Regenesys about a year ago. I had some knee pain and mobility issues. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time. I heard about Regenesys through social media, and now here we are, a YEAR later, after opting for regenerative injection therapy, I have complete mobility in my knees, no pain, and can work out without any pain! I’m glad I did it – it’s the BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! Way better than surgery!

Kaitlin M.
Pain in my knees and hips had become completely unbearable. I know that getting older is tough, but good grief!!! Osteoarthritis was completely killing my lifestyle, so I decided to do something about it. After my PCP and ortho recommended steroid injections, I wanted to try something that would be healthier and longer lasting. After considerable research on non-steroidal treatments, I learned about regenerative medicine, and found Regenesys Physical Medicine online. They were very highly rated, so I called and made an appointment. Let’s just say I’m now their biggest fan! They were amazing!!! The medical providers, the staff, everyone at their practice is awesome! I decided to move forward with the umbilical cell injections and the in house therapy they offer, and my knees feel like I’m 20 again! I can’t believe it – I can go run, play pickleball, Zumba….whatever I want to do and I don’t hurt anymore! I would give this office 100 stars if I could! If you are in pain and looking for the right people to help, give them a call – you won’t regret it!

Tim R.
Regenesys Physical Medicine helped me get my spine back to top performance! This treatment really works and I don’t think 5 stars is enough!

Terrence G.
You never know how bad of shape you’re in until you get better. Neck & back issues I’ve had for years just became a way of life. Had I waited any longer, I would have surely had permanent issues. Dr. Wilson and his staff are awesome. Trust the process. It works. Sleeping better & feeling better makes you a better person.

Kayla M.
Everybody here is AWESOME!! The entire office staff, the doctors, the nurse practitioner, the rehab staff, and both massage therapists – they are all just amazing! My neck, shoulder, and back pain is totally gone now and their treatment process helped me learn that my chronic problems will never completely go away but that I can stay pain free going forward the rest of my life if I keep up what I learned. I truly feel like I can go back to enjoying what I love to do the most in life without pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I refer all my friends and family here and I am a PATIENT FOR LIFE!!!

Myrtle T.
I came to Regenesys because I went to bed one night last year and when I woke up I couldn’t get out of bed. I found out that I had chronic disc problems and sciatica. I went to a neurosurgeon who screamed and shouted at me that I should have surgery. I am 69 years old, and for me, surgery is NOT AN OPTION! I had two injections and they didn’t work. I found out about Regenesys online, and when I came in, I talked with Dr. Wilson, and he was very honest with me. He told me that he would try to help me, and gave me a ten week plan. When I first walked into Regenesys, I was bent over and barely able to walk. After treatment, I am now standing up straight, walking, and my pain level went to a 10 to a 1-2. I feel like Regenesys is a place where you can get an honest opinion, everyone is very comforting and supportive, and the program works! Come here if you are in pain and let them help you as well!

Melanie K.
I am a RN and work long 12 hour nightshifts. My job is physically and mentally demanding. This past year, I started having increased low back pain and sciatic pain. I have always had chronic pain, but this was different! I was in so much pain that it hurt to walk and even lay in my bed. I just got to the point that I could not handle the pain. I started going to see Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys and can’t believe the difference it has made in my life. I have had chiropractic treatment in the past that would help but I would still have pain. I believe the approach Dr. Wilson takes with physical therapy, spinal decompression, massage, and trigger point injections made all the difference for me. I no longer have constant back pain. I was able to start exercising and I have lost 20 pounds this year. I feel so much better physically than I have in years. It took time and commitment that was challenging for me with the hours that I work. Dr. Wilson and all of his staff were understanding, friendly and professional while working with me. I am extremely thankful for all the care I received and continue to receive. I can’t say enough and highly recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine for anyone needing relief from joint and spine pain.

Jason M.
After fighting shoulder and neck issues for close to 15 years, Dr. Brandon Wilson and his team have finally helped me correct/heal the underlying issues and not merely treat the symptoms as others have in the past…I highly recommend this group and their multi-faceted approach (chiropractic, decompression and physical therapy).

Houdini A.
Dr. Wilson is awesome! He has helped my quality of life and allowed me to be more pain free than ever before! The entire staff is great and welcoming too! Best place in Frisco!!!

Laura P.
5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS OFFICE! Dr. Wilson and his staff are so kind, professional, and are sincerely interested in helping every patient feel better. I was having horrible pain in my neck and shoulders from working at home and honestly I didn’t know what to do – I was miserable. I starting researching online and found Regenesys and was blown away by their patient reviews and great information on their website. I called and made an appointment for the next day. They were so polite and detailed in everything – it was SO REFRESHING to go to a doctor’s office and have everyone be so kind and helpful, and make me feel how much they care! Dr. Wilson then expertly explained why I was hurting and how treatment could help me get rid of the pain that was ruining my life. He stated that a problem like mine wouldn’t go away with just adjustments, but needed rehab/exercises, medical massage, and spinal decompression as well. What he said made total sense to me and I started immediately. I began feeling better very quickly and the treatment plan helped me correct several other postural problems I was having as well. I am so grateful to these guys! They are terrific! Anyone who sees them will be thoroughly impressed from the moment you meet them, I guarantee it. I highly recommend them to anyone in pain.

Michelle A.
I was having chronic neck pain that was developing into shoulder and back issues. I knew I needed treatment. Regenesys was the complete package for immediate and long term relief. They helped me through multiple modalities to achieve improved mobility, pain relief, and long lasting health. The staff are very friendly and aim to provide quality care. Great job Regenesys!

Carmin R.
I came to Regenesys with chronic neck, mid back, low back, pelvic and sciatica pain. During the program I was given exercises as well as adjustments, decompression, and massage therapy to help combat and tackle my problem areas. They were realistic and honest about the experience and expectations during and post the process. I came in on one particular session with a terribly sore and tender back. Dr. Wilson knew exactly what the issue was and adjusted me according. Not only did he readjust my bone that was out of place but he also showed me how it looks when something like that occurs. Everyone greets you with a smile and you feel so welcomed. I was sad to see it come to an end. It went by so fast. I recommend this program for anyone serious about improving their physical health and wellness.

Jeff E.
From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I had come to the right place for my lower back pain. Dr. Wilson and his entire professional staff are amazing and genuinely care for their patients. I have never been to a medical provider where you were treated with such respect and care. Every aspect of treatment was explained thoroughly and every visit over my eight week therapy was amazing. I personally want to thank the entire staff: Dr. Wilson, Kelly, Hope, Mike, Barbie, Amber and Chrissy for everything you did to make my Rehab Successful!!! You are all truly amazing. Thanks Again!!!

Greg P.
This is my 2nd visit and treatment by Dr. Wilson. He treated me for knee cartilage deterioration issues in Dec 2018 and also for a pelvis misalignment in April of 2020. His office staff are great and he is kind and very professional. Highly recommended if you suffer from knee, back, joint or neck pain.

Kenia H.
As a Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Pro dancer for artists such as Trace Adkins and Beyonce; etc, I never dreamed I would struggle with lower back pain and hip misalignment. I struggled for about a year, trying everything I could get my hands on to get better, but nothing worked. Scrolling through Instagram one night, I prayed to be sent to the right establishment with a passionate Dr. and helpful staff. Several advertisements showed up as I scrolled, but when I saw Regenesys, I had a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on. After about four weeks of treatment, I woke up one day feeling so normal I was confused. It felt like total victory after being in pain for such an extended period of time. Every facet of my treatment plan felt needed; nothing was waisted and I never waited more than a few minutes to be treated. Dr. Wilson knows his stuff and I could tell it was important to him that we achieve our goals (which we did). I can’t say enough about Amber, the medical masseuse, her intuitive touch and knowledge based approach. I could go on and on about the warmth of the practitioners and staff, but hopefully you’ll get to experience Regenesys for yourself.

Callie M.
Okay not even sure where to start here; but they are incredible! I gave birth three months ago and had a long (21.5 hour) labor. As a result, my hips and pelvis were misaligned along with some issues in my lower back causing me extreme pain down one of my legs. One night after being up all night crying and in pain, I was unsure where to turn. I turned to Dr. Wilson and his staff. Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough great things about them! They got me in right away and within the first week I was pain free! In my initial consultation, they met with me and ran all sorts of tests. They did x-rays, and I really liked that I was able to SEE the x-rays as Dr. Wilson explained why he was recommended what he was. He did a great job explaining the why behind the what. They worked with me on a pricing plan, listened to my concerns and we came up with a treatment plan together. I felt a part of the process the entire time. It was super comfortable and easy. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to have to jump through hurdles to get relief…and I didn’t thanks to them. The entire staff – from Hope and Kelly at the front to Amber, Barbie and Michael to Marci and Dr. Wilson – ALL have gone above and beyond. Not only do they make you feel comfortable, but they were all on the same page! If Dr. Wilson said something, Amber was able to pinpoint the exact same issue in my massages. Barbie and Michael were able to best recommend suggestions and everything ran smoothly while I was trying to recover. I cannot recommend this place enough. I will be continuing to go back every now and again to ensure that my body continues to be pain free; but I can say with 100% certainty that I’m pain-free because of them! I’m able to hold my daughter for hours on end, dance with her and am back to working out all because they didn’t just put a bandaid on the problem – they fixed it! I’m a forever fan of theirs and would recommend them to anyone!

Mario D.
Excellent skilled and friendly staff, including the ladies at the front desk, the technicians, massage therapist, nurse practitioner and Dr Wilson. My treatment lasted ~ 8 weeks and all personnel that treated me were knowledgeable, helpful, friendly with many recommendations and activities to make my condition better. The combination of adjustments to my neck, hip, back, along with physical therapies has giving me better relief for the pain. This place exceeded my expectations. Try it and you will see the results.

Annie G.
I can’t express enough how fantastic every single one of the staff members are here! Thank you so much for changing my life for the better. This is my first time to be pain free in eight years!

Elizabeth J.
I just wanted to share how amazing my experience was here! I have never been to a doctor’s office where everyone cared SO MUCH about ME!!! The front office staff, the doctor, the nurse practitioner, the rehab staff, the massage therapist – they are all just amazing! My back and neck pain is totally gone now and the unique treatment process taught me so much about how I can stay pain free going forward the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me my life back again! I strongly recommend this office to anyone in pain who wants a doctor who actually CARES about you as a person!

Natasha R.
I was one of those people who for 15 years suffered from chronic back pain. I did injections and even had a rhizotomy, and the next step was either going to be a disc replacement or fusing my spine. I’m 47 and TOO YOUNG FOR THAT! I did my research and found Dr. Wilson and his holistic approach to easing pain. I can’t tell you HOW MUCH I HAVE IMPROVED over the past 10 weeks using chiropractic care, medical massage, spinal decompression, and all the rehab exercises. If there is anything I have learned, which I wish I had known before, is that you just can’t focus on one part of your body, it has to be a “wholistic” approach. I can tell you that I am 100 TIMES BETTER than the day that I walked into his office. If you are one of those people who have just decided to live in pain for the rest of your life, then you are a perfect candidate. Come see Dr. Wilson and his staff at Regenesys! It will change your life!!!

Liz L.
Dr. Wilson and his staff are knowledgeable and kind. They truly want to do everything they can to improve how you are feeling. I drove an hour to my my appointments and it was worth it!

Linda S.
I found Regenesys on Facebook. That was the BEST thing I ever did. When I made my first appointment I couldn’t hardly walk. It’s now been 5 weeks and I feel the BEST I have ever felt! Dr. Wilson and his staff are simply AMAZING!

I’ve had nothing but the best care from Regenesys. Dr. Wilson and his staff are patient, professional and very knowledgeable about the treatments they provide. Dr. Wilson treated both my back (through decompression and physical therapy) and my knees (stem cell regenerative therapy). The x-rays on my back are a great “before” and “after” picture and proof that Dr. Wilson and his staff provide excellent care. The regenerative and physical therapy on my knees provided noticeable results and has relieved my pain. The office atmosphere is warm and friendly with a staff committed to a positive treatment environment with genuine concern for our well-being as patients.

Meredith S.
This place rocks! I came here for prenatal care with my first pregnancy, and from the initial phone call, to the adjustments, to the physical therapy, I felt like I mattered and that we all had the same goals. Dr. Wilson is extremely kind and very knowledgeable. He always made time for my questions (and believe me, there were many), and made sure I knew what I was doing. I am now only a few weeks from my due date, and I’m feeling very prepared. This place isn’t just for pregnant women, but if you are, I would HIGHLY recommend coming to get treatment here throughout your pregnancy!!

Kristen D.
I cannot speak enough on how grateful I am for the team at Regenesys Physical Medicine! As a middle school teacher who was in CONSTANT pain throughout my upper back and suffering from DAILY headaches, I was convinced that I would be in some sort of pain forever. After finally deciding to seek out treatment, I landed on Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys. I was welcomed not only with a level of care and compassion that I have never experienced before with any doctor (and I´ve dealt with a lot of doctors), but also assurance that my pain was real and confidence that it could be treated. Within the first 2 treatments my pain had dissipated and after 8 weeks, I can happily say that my pain has stayed away! I am so grateful for Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys… You will not find a better team of people who care more about getting you to a happier, healthier version of you!

Joanna M.
Great staff, great theory of practice in holistic and integrated medicine!

Kelly W.
After a car accident and then 4 years of dancing on top of the initial injury, my knees were in terrible shape. For someone in my 20’s I was told by an orthopedist I had the knees of a 60 year old. 8 years later, after still living with pain after the initial surgery, I was facing another surgery. That is when I found Regenesys Physical Medicine. In just one quick 45 minute office visit, and a virtually painless injection procedure with Regenerative cell therapy, my knees are doing better than they’ve been in over a decade. I can squat and walk stairs with no pain, where as before the injection, it was an impossible task. In just 3 months after the injection, I went to Disney World and walked the parks for 2 days straight with NO KNEE PAIN!!!! Not only did they help elevate my knee pain with the regenerative therapy injection but they also helped me with my on going degenerative disc issue in my back using Chiropractic therapy. This place is amazing! Please, please do yourself a favor and come to see Dr. Wilson and his amazing staff! Your only regret will be that you didn’t come in sooner.

Tom J.
My hips, knees, and back were so bad that I could barely walk. I found out about Regenesys online and went to hear Dr. Wilson speak at a seminar where I learned about regenerative therapy as well as the other types of therapies they do. I decided to give it a try, and I can’t believe how well it worked! From the one-time regenerative injections in my knees and hips to the physical therapy, massage therapy, and other treatments, their entire staff is top notch and I couldn’t be happier with how I feel! I feel 30 years younger! I would give this practice 10 stars if I could. If you are in pain and are tired of taking medications, give these people an opportunity. It will change your life!

Wayne B.
Wow – Dr. Wilson and his entire office is incredible! I have never been to a doctor that takes so much of their professional time to explain so completely what is wrong, what treatment is needed, and how long it will take to improve in such a caring, comprehensive manner. It is so refreshing! Most doctors make you feel like a cattle call, and just dictate to you what they think you need. Dr. Wilson’s approach is totally different. They involve you in the process of understanding everything about your condition, and then make treatment recommendations to fully stabilize the problem, so it doesn’t keep coming back over and over. My treatment went amazing, and I feel better than I have in over 20 years. If you are really looking to get long-term relief of pain and feel better, then this if the office for you! Plus, everyone there is so nice and professional. I highly recommend them!

Jessica K.
Dr. Wilson and his team are wonderful. They are always very flexible if I need to change my appointment time. Dr. Wilson explains the entire process of treatment upfront so there are no surprises later down the line. His entire team has a great synergy and always willing to help each other if one gets busy. All of the physical therapists are very attentive and always willing to answer questions I may have regarding my stretches/exercises. I would highly recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine to anyone seeking physical therapy/chiropractic care.

Kasie E.
Before coming to Dr. Wilson I was in constant pain. I had been treated by a traditional orthopedic spinal doctor who, in his best attempt, treated my herniated disc with medications and injections. That treatment left me with little relief and continued frustration. A friend recommended me to Dr. Wilson. I honestly didn’t expect to feel as well as I do today. I had given into the fact that this would be something I live with. However, I am an avid exerciser and did not want to give up, so my last effort was come to Regenesys. I am so happy with my results and can’t say enough food things about Dr. Wilson and his staff…professional, courteous and above all caring. I plan to continue my therapy in a maintenance with them because I know they have my best interest (and my back)

Dacey G.
From my initial consultation with Dr. Wilson, I knew that this was a stellar clinic. Dr. Wilson took ample time to review with me all my spinal issues and discussed how he would be able to address my issues in a systematic functional way through a interdisciplinary process. Because I’m a nurse, Dr. Wilson’s explanations of his treatment process made absolute medical sense to me. My treatment plan included chiro care, medical massage therapy, spinal decompression, trigger point injections, physical therapy, and I also completed their peripheral neuropathy protocol. By mid-treatment, I received a stem cell Injection, and felt my pain dissipate immediately! I’m happy to say that by the end of treatment, the “pins and needles” in my foot are gone, and I’ve even strengthened some wasted muscles in my leg! I’ve completed my full treatment with success, now enduring more activities without pain than prior. Dr. Wilson and his staff are nothing short of amazing, and I’m lucky to have found them!

Jami R.
Dr Wilson and his team have been amazing. I went to him for pre natal care and it has really helped me get stronger to help support my pregnancy. Because of his care I have had minimal discomfort as baby has taken up more space. I am also better able to manage my stand up job. I also can’t say enough about the team there. They have made me feel like family and I’m bummed that I won’t be seeing them as often as I am going to just maintenance appointments now and won’t be there as often.

Melissa K.
When looking for some treatment for back pain I called several local offices with questions. Regenesys was the only practice who took the time to answer my questions over the phone before scheduling an initial visit. They’ve been extremely accommodating with scheduling my treatment and if I’ve had to bring my kiddo with me to treatment. I just finished my treatment plan and I feel better than I have in a long while. Their entire office is so friendly I highly recommend them.

Michael S.
I was having horrible lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and foot neuropathy for over 20 years. The medication that other doctors had given me was not working, and it was making me feel just terrible. After doing some online research, I decided to come in for an appointment. Let me first say that this staff is the most kind, amazing group I have ever seen. From the initial phone call to showing up as a new patient, they treated me so politely and explained everything so well – what a nice change! I then met Dr. Wilson and his nurse practitioner, and they actually listened to me. They showed they really cared about me, and provided me answers to my problems. I really appreciate how much time they spent explaining things to me in a way I could understand, and not just talking over me. They then gave me an expertly designed plan to provide relief of pain immediately and into the future. I had never heard about regenerative medicine prior to coming here, but it, combined with the other treatment I received, has been truly amazing. My back and sciatic pain is gone, my knees don’t hurt anymore, and my neuropathy pain is SO MUCH BETTER! For anybody suffering like me, call this office and let them help you like they did me. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his team.

Hal H.
I went to see Dr. Wilson with severe back and neck pain. He worked with me to alleviate the immediate issues, and also helped to guide me into a wellness plan including physical therapy to help prevent issues going forward. The whole staff is friendly and fun to see. They are understanding about schedule changes, and help you find ways to apply the right exercises into your daily routine.

John G.
My experience was I had dealt with neck and upper back pain for more than 6 years due to a car wreck. I read reviews online, considered ratings and above all listened to my wife to end up here. The diagnosis, treatment plan and execution from Dr. Wilson and his team was excellent – adapting and identifying changes to my pain and body throughout. Having finished the treatment plan I feel much better and inspired to adopt my own habits toward reduced pain and healthy living.

Jennifer M.
I came here for lower back pain and hip pain and for feeling like an old lady at only 29 years old! Dr. Wilson came up with a comprehensive plan after examining my back and X-rays to get me back to where I am supposed to be. I felt less pain after one week and now after 8 weeks, I feel great! I have no more shooting pain down my leg, or intense pain in my hip, and I’m able to do the things that I had been having problems with before seeing him. The Physical Therapy staff is also amazing! Michael and and the team are awesome and so helpful with learning the different stretches and exercises to keep my adjustments from Dr. Wilson in shape! Highly recommend!!!!

Kristin E.
At 23 weeks pregnant, I hurt my back picking up my toddler and could barely move without tears in my eyes. I was skeptical when my OBGYN sent me to a chiropractor rather than physical therapy but Dr. Wilson’s office is the best of both worlds. My first adjustment took my pain from a 10 to a 3, and I was able to stop medication right away. Even when sciatica pain flared up, adjustments plus medical massage and stretching took care of it within days. After 8 weeks of adjustments + physical exercises to keep my bones in place, I feel ready to deliver my baby in a few weeks. Could not made it through this pregnancy without their help. Thank you!!!!!!

Stacy B.
Amazing nice people. I went in because my insurance recommended them for my horrible headaches and neck pain from a head injury that’s been killing me for months and I was tired of taking a lot of medicine for the pain. Dr. Brandon Wilson was really nice and helped me a lot for my pain. I’m really grateful for coming here.

Kay B.
I had struggled with horrible pain in my feet from neuropathy for many years, making it extremely painful to walk or sleep at night. I researched online to see if there was a possibility of ending my suffering. I found out about Regenesys, and came in for an exam. I was skeptical when I came in, and I thought, “this is a big investment, is this really going to work?” I can tell you after three months, I am no longer having pain in my feet. That feeling at night like fire ants crawling all over my feet and ankles, biting me, and making me scream in pain is GONE! I have also been able to substantially reduce the amount of Gabapentin that I had been taking. I cannot tell you enough that I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I can walk without my walker again, and I had been told that I would never walk again without it. Don’t hesitate – give Regenesys a call! They can help you!

Bernadette N.
I had horrible hip pain and foot pain associated with neuropathy that I had suffered with for many years. I had gone to lots of doctors in that time, and all they ever did was give me more medication that never did anything except make me feel worse. I started to lose hope that I would ever feel good enough again to walk without pain, much less do the other things I want to do in life. I found out about Regenesys through an educational seminar that I attended, and learned about their expertise in helping people that suffer with chronic joint pain. I felt hope again when they informed me that regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy, could potentially help me. I came in to their office for an exam and was informed that they could help. Long story short, I decided to have the stem cell injection therapy performed on my hip, as well as the neuropathy treatment for my feet. For the first time in 10 years, I finally have no more hip or nerve pain in my feet! These treatments work so incredibly well I can hardly believe it! The entire team here at Regenesys is awesome and I can’t recommend them highly enough for someone else out there who may be suffering like I was. Give them a call and get out of pain like me!

Suzanne W.
When I first came here I was a MESS! Every bend and twist hurt. Getting up from bed or sitting hurt. Loading the dishwasher HURT! After finishing treatment, I feel so much better and have even started aerobics, Pilates and yoga at the gym! I look foreword to my continued wellness program and further improvement. Dr. Wilson and the whole staff are absolutely committed to my well-being and I can’t thank them enough for helping me to live a better future!

Charity W.
No more pain! I’ve seen Dr. Wilson and his team to help recover from sciatica and lower back pain, shoulder pain, torn ankle ligaments and now he’s an integral part of my team while considering other medical procedures. Dr. Wilson knows his stuff and ensures that you have all of the info and support needed to make the journey to total wellness. The entire staff is incredibly helpful and do everything possible to ensure your success. I’m completely happy with my recovery and would recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine to anyone!

Taylor S.
What a phenomenal experience! After being told by an OB that I’d have to have c-sections with all subsequent pregnancies I was skeptical seeing a chiropractor would make any difference. I put my last bit of hope and trust in Dr. Wilson and it paid off. Each of my visits I felt like the entire staff was not only very well informed and educated but were my cheerleaders too! Instead of feeling anxious and discouraged about my upcoming birth I was excited and ready! At nine months pregnant my body felt good! No aches or pains normally associated with pregnancy. And the best part was that not only was I able to have a successful vbac but birth was actually this amazingly quick and painless experience! I’m so grateful to Dr. Wilson and his team. They are all down to earth, trust worthy people with good hearts looking to improve the quality of life for their patients. Thank you thank you for making my pregnancy and birth such a dream come true!

Lori W.
I have been a long time patient of Dr Wilson and his staff from active therapy to maintenance. I highly recommend them! They have kept me moving and surgery free and they’re great people too!

Charlie L.
They are very friendly and very interested in my health!

Mike W.
Recently, I encountered a situation with my body that was beyond home rest and healing. I’ve played sports all of my life and am a very active person, but after some basketball in February, I started experiencing some very debilitating pain in my back. It was so bad that I spent the first few days working from the bed, and the next 1.5 weeks walking (if you can call it that) in a tilted position. I had a piercing pain in my lower back and some sciatic issues. Sleeping was painful, sitting was horrific, it didn’t matter what I did, I was in pain. Pain that was way beyond rest and Advil. I knew that my alignment was off, and I figured that I needed to see a chiropractor to address this pain issue (I had never seen a chiropractor before this). I did some research on the internet and found Dr. Wilson. At the time, he had a ton of google reviews and ALL of them were 5 star. I figured that if someone had that many reviews and all were 5 star, this should be my starting point. Dr. Wilson evaluated me and let me know that I had disc degeneration issues and that my nerves were getting pinched. X-rays showed curvature in my spine, along with the decreasing space between my spinal bones. He detailed out a comprehensive treatment plan and was explicit in stating that this wasn’t a cure (as disc degeneration can’t be “cured”), but that through treatment and maintenance, this issue could be stabilized and the pain minimized or eliminated. Within the first few treatments, the pain took a dramatic drop and my body was starting to feel much better. Dr. Wilson and his staff are very professional. I’m nearing the end of my treatments, and I’m now back to playing competitive sports and my back is feeling great again. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson based on his performance. **EDIT** I forgot to mention that they have added Erin to their staff, a professional and knowledgeable Nurse Practitioner. I injured both palms/wrists in a biking incident and had very painful trigger points that were not healing at the base of my palms. I got 4 injections of a plant based anti-inflammatory (2 in each hand) and within 24 hours 90% of the pain had subsided, and within a week, it was completely gone.

Morgan S.
I highly recommend coming here! When I first came into Dr. Wilson’s office I had it pretty bad for someone as young as me. I had scoliosis in two places, my hips were out of alignment, and I consistently had severe neck and lower back pain. After just a few adjustments and some rehab with Dr. Wilson and his team I felt as if nothing was wrong to begin with. I am truly blessed to have found this place they’re not only dedicated to getting rid of my pain but making sure the pain stays away.

Sean M.
Dr. Wilson and his whole staff and team are great!! I’ve suffered with pain from a low back injury for years before coming here. I wish I had come sooner. I feel good again! Can’t thank the team here enough. I highly recommend Regenesys to everyone. Don’t live in pain like I did.

Greg S.
I came to Dr Wilson with a painful and debilitating mid back injury from ranch work. I’m an active guy at 56 and was thinking surgery was my primary option, one that I was not looking forward to. After my initial consult, Dr Wilson explained a simpler plan of specifc active therapy and maintenance. The short version…my pain and limitations are no more and I’m more active than I was before the injury. I credit Dr Wilson, his world class skill to recognize and recommend a more effective treatment plan and that surgery was only a last option. His honesty, integrity and focus on patient care are as good as I’ve experienced with any medical professional. His staff is also incredible. Bottom line…I am a client for life of Dr Wilson.

Lois R.
At age 75, with lifelong rheumatoid arthritis, I was becoming resigned to having pain going forward in life. I had an evaluation done through physical exam and x-rays. Dr. Wilson and his team counseled me on what improvements could be achieved. He laid out a treatment plan of physical medicine, injections, adjustments, therapy, and exercises. I have never liked to exercise, but seeing how important it is to pain relief keeps me doing them. Exercise is the key to independence as we age; we need to maintain strength. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his team.

Tye T.
I have been a patient for several years. I have to travel every day for my job. Coming in to Regenesys keeps me feeling at my best. I highly recommend this great team – they are all awesome!

Cynthia D.
I have been going to this facility since Oct. 2018, I have been treated for multiple conditions, including neuropathy in my feet. I no longer experience the severe numbness and tingling and my back and neck pain have subsided. Everyone is this clinic is awesome. I can’t say enough nice things about the whole staff! Dr. Wilson is extremely involved in his patients recovery.

Vanessa L.
I decided to go to one of the regenerative medicine seminars where I met Dr. Wilson and his team here at Regenesys. After listening to the presentation, I really learned A LOT. I came to the office for a consultation where I learned even more. I was facing a DOUBLE KNEE REPLACEMENT, and what I learned here led me to the decision to go forward with stem cell therapy here. I did the stem cell injection therapy along with PT, medical massage, and chiropractic care, all here with this amazing team. I have had EXCELLENT RESULTS!! I feel so much better, and I have hope again. I am walking and climbing stairs – things I wasn’t sure I would ever do again. It’s been a great experience, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Both my knees were done on the same day in about 15 minutes. I walked in, and walked out – it was simple, painless, and everything was explained to me so well. I will continue to work with this team in the future if I have any needs. They are awesome!

Elizabeth A.
I love, love, love Dr. Wilson and the staff at Regenesys. I first came to them during my pregnancy, and thanks to my treatment and physical therapy throughout, my pregnancy was generally back-pain free. My baby was also head down throughout my entire pregnancy and I was grateful for the treatment and massages. I definitely recommend their office for any one considering chiropractic during pregnancy. My second group of visits was 2 weeks away from my first half marathon. My back began giving me terrible trouble. Once I came in, I found out I had degenerative disc. I was obviously devastated, but Dr. Wilson and his team worked hard to get me ready for my half marathon. To my surprise, I achieved my goal without any back pain during the run AND my recovery was the best I’d had after doing a long run. I’m really grateful and will continue coming to Regenesys.

Ronda B.
Dr. Wilson and his team have given me my life back! I researched other professionals to help relieve my pain, which has given me problems for 4 years. The whole plan for treatment resonated with me. I knew I wanted this team to take care of me. My first week, I was already pain free!!! The staff is wonderful, they truly care. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his team, you will not regret it!

Casey M.
I was having pain in my shoulder and having had rotator cuff surgery on the opposite shoulder 3 years ago was dreading the prospect of another surgery. My primary physician suggested I call Regenesys to explore PRP. I decided to give it a try and have had INCREDIBLE results! The process was painless and the pain I was having in my shoulder started subsiding almost immediately. I’ve been so surprised and pleased with the results, I’ve returned for an additional treatment on my knee.

Valerie C.
Great experience! I not only found out exactly what was ailing me, but ways to address the issue both immediately and long term. It has led to some minor lifestyle changes and some major relief. Dr. Wilson and his team are fantastic and despite “graduating” from the program, I am still committed to getting adjustments monthly. I feel amazing when I am finished and highly recommend this clinic.

Carolyn W.
Ever since having my two children, I just didn’t feel like myself. I had constant fatigue, brain fog, and my desire to be active was literally gone. I felt depressed and like I had just spontaneously developed ADHD. I went to my regular PCP and had all the tests, but was told I was “perfectly fine,” and they recommended anti-depressant medication. I didn’t want to believe that I had to feel this way or take meds the rest of my life – I wanted an answer and a permanent solution. After doing some research online and talking to friends and family, I heard about Regenesys Physical Medicine and started looking into Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. I am so glad I did!!! From the first consultation with Erin to the entire staff and doctors, I felt like they completely understood the way I was feeling, and they gave me hope. My blood tests revealed low testosterone, and Erin explained how correcting this deficiency would help me. I couldn’t wait to get the pellet procedure, but I was still nervous about how much it would help me. Let’s just say it helped everything, and I feel like myself again! I have energy, I can think and focus, and my desire to do the things I love is totally back!! If you are struggling with what you think is depression, anxiety, or “adult-onset ADHD,” call Regenesys and get tested – it has been a God-send for me. I highly recommend this office, the nurse practitioner, doctors, massage therapists, and staff to anyone. They are awesome!

Leigh A.
Dr. Wilson and his team are fantastic! I wish I could give this place 10 stars!!!! I was having extreme pain in my lower back that would shoot down my legs, and it was making pretty much everything impossible. I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, work, or take care of my children. A friend recommended that I come see Dr. Wilson after she had been very satisfied with the care he provided her during her pregnancy, and I can now see why. He is so caring, gentle, and extremely knowledgeable. His staff are so kind and helpful. The treatment plan that he prescribed included adjustments, PT, and some medical massage (awesome BTW!). He also had me see his new NP who was amazing, and she helped me with some trigger point injections, blood work, bio identical hormone therapy, and medical weight loss. After the treatment here, I feel like a nee person! My pain is gone, I am stronger, I have more energy, and I feel like I learned a ton about how to live my life healthier. I highly recommend this office and team to anyone in pain or looking to improve their health!

Jerry W.
I had a total knee replacement several years ago and had been told that I would need to replace the other knee soon. I had heard about stem cell therapy and wanted to see if it could help with my pain and potentially keep me from another painful and costly surgery. I was referred to Regenesys Physical Medicine by a friend who had a great experience, and after coming here, I can see why – this place is fantastic! The staff, doctors, and nurse practitioner were all extremely polite and very informative. I felt that they really understood me and wanted to help me with my problem. I had the stem cell procedure over three months ago now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I am very active didn’t want to be sidelined again with surgery. I just returned from a trip to Alaska where I was very active with hiking, fishing, and traveling, and my knee did great! I highly recommend this office!